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WP Connection Detect Automatically alert your visitors/Users when they've lost internet connectivity. The plugin uses customized script.js which captures AJAX requests and detects if the connection is down or restored.
Powerfull mobile responsive PWA app. Improve your visitors/Users abandonment problem.
No configuration required just Install and activate the plugin. That's it. The visitors/Users will be notified about their lost internet connection.


See here if you'd like to customize the look and feel of notification popup.



01. Goto Plugins from Sidebar and Click Add New to add your plugin.


02. Click on Upload plugin in order to select & upload your plugin to Wordpress.


03. Choose your plugin .zip file and click Install Now button to begin uploading your plugin.


04. Once uploaded goto Plugins from Sidebar and Click on Activate button to activate WP Connection Detector.

05. Goto WPCD Settings from Sidebar & Jump to General Settings


06. Goto WPCD Settings from Sidebar & Jump to Customization.

Stylesheets for Skins are included in the ./wp-connection-detector/assets/css/ Folder. Plugin uses wpCD-default-theme.css as default skin for WPCD.This file also contains Table of Content for easy to customize each part of the skin. such as Wrapper , Toast , Toast Content , Toast Icons & Animations. Keep in mind, that these values might be overridden somewhere else in the file.

The second file contains all of the specific stylings for the page. The file is separated into sections using:


  1. /* === Change Background Color of Toast === */
  2. .wpCD-wrapper .wpCD-toast {
  3. background: #fff;
  4. }
  6. /* === Change Fonts color === */
  8. .wpCD-details span, .wpCD-details p {
  9. color: #000;
  10. }
  12. /* === Change Background color of toast Icon === */
  13. .wpCD-toast .content .icon {
  14. background: #2ecc71;
  15. }


We've used the following files as listed.


Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this Plugin. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this Plugin. I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the Plugin on Codecanyon, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.